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Our History

Hard Work, Works.

There is an old maxim that we like to live by at Indiva: “if it’s easy, it’s probably not worth it; and if it’s worth it, it’s probably not easy”. Indiva Advisors grew from humble beginnings: an idea around a kitchen table that turned into a business plan, that turned into America’s premier cannabis accounting and advisory firm. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get to where we are. Was it easy? Not even a little. Was it worth it? You betcha! How did we get to where we are now? Well, we’re glad you asked!

April 2016It Was All A Dream...

In early April 2016, Jessica Velazquez sat around her kitchen table reading about the changes in policy in the cannabis world. As she read, she saw how confusing this industry was, and saw a need for an accounting firm that specialized in helping clients navigate the crazy and ever-changing Cannabis world. With that, and a solid business plan, the predecessor of Indiva, K&H Consulting was born.

January 2017Making Moves... Literally!

There’s an old saying: “Hard work, works”. After spending the better part of 2016 learning, ideating, strategizing, foregoing sleep, and getting the first handful of client’s on-boarded, Jessica’s small cannacounting and advisory firm was really starting to bud (see what we did there?), and she was ready to make moves…BIG moves! We moved into our first brick and mortar office! See, hard work does pay off!

February 2017There Is No "I" In Team.

In February of 2017 the industry was booming and our services were in high demand due to the lack of CPAs, Accountants, or Advisors with any knowledge in the cannabis accounting space. Jessica needed a team… so, she began to build one. The Indiva team was born and the first hires were brought aboard! You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Mid 2017Can't Sit Here, Seats Taken!

We must have been taking our vitamins every day because we quickly grew too big to fit us all in our small starter office! It’s was very hard to be productive and contribute meaningfully to our clients business goals when we couldn’t all sit down at the same time! Plus, our morning games of musical chairs was becoming a little too competitive, (our team is all very passionate about winning) so we moved into a much bigger office to better serve our clients.

December 2017Bring On The New Year!

2017 was a wild ride for Indiva. We moved offices (twice), expanded our reach and our team grew from 1 to 5. We had a blast, we learned a lot and made a lot of friends, but we were ready for the New Year and the changes that were coming.

Early 2018A Star Is Born!

We’re not sure if we were the first “new year baby”, but in early 2018, K&H Consultants officially re-branded into the greatest Cannabis Accounting and Advisory firm known to man… Indiva Advisors!

November 2018Fall Harvest

In November of 2018, Indiva Advisors was moving at a fast pace and helping cannibis related business owners across the country grow and maintain thier business! We absolutley love our clients and are so very greatful this season to be able to help and share in so many client successes!

December 2018Closing Out 2018 Strong!

2018 was a year of growth and expansion for our company! We traveled all over the US attending conferences and speaking about the industry. We added several new additions to the team and closed out the year with clients in 7 jurisdictions with international touchpoints, and more than doubled our team to 12 members, with 5 CPA’s on staff. We are excited and grateful for what 2018 brought, but there is so much to be done in 2019!

Early 2019Coast to Coast!

We sure hit the ground running in 2019! We started the year by launching our new and improved website and laid the groundwork for a prosperous year full of growth and new opportunities! We can’t WAIT to see what 2019 has in store for the Indiva team and all of our clients!

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