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Tiffani Higgins, CPA
Tiffani Higgins, CPA

People always tell Tiffani Higgins she must wear a cape. She wears a cape because she is a super hero to businesses in the Cannabis Industry who don’t understand nor want to deal with regulations and compliance. When she puts on her Outsourced CFO cape, her super powers help businesses show profits and not losses.

At the same time, she is a busy mom of 5….yes, 5 children. She is very busy, yet she is a successful entrepreneur. No wonder she wears a cape. Tiffani started down her accounting path when she was 16 and has actively worked towards continuing that education throughout her life working as a bookkeeper, tax preparer, state auditor, and CPA. Becoming an entrepreneur was the next step. Tiffani successfully built a virtual CPA firm specializing in bookkeeping, tax and Quickbooks Online for all industries. Tiffani made the decision to sell this successful firm in order to focus on the cannabis industry exclusively.

Tiffani then founded Missouri Cannabis CPA, who was acquired by Indiva Advisors, LLP.. Although Tiffani currently resides in Missouri, cannabis clientele span across the nation. Her experience working with small business owners from various industries has given her the well-rounded knowledge to assist cannabis business owners on typical and everyday business issues that arise. Her expert training and expertise in the cannabis industry makes her a great option for new and experienced cannabis business owners to navigate industry specific issues. And not just tax and accounting issues. Tiffani has a robust network of other cannabis experienced professionals at her fingertips to aid in assisting clients with areas outside of her personal wheelhouse. She looks forward to helping her clients in as many aspects of running their business as possible.

If you want a strategic partner helping your business GROW to the point you have the option to SELL, reach out to Tiffani for more information.