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Get compliant thanks to 280E Consulting from Indiva Advisors.

The professional team at Indiva Advisors LLP will reduce your legal cannabis and psilocybin business risks with our expert accountant advice. Don't wait to get compliant and keep your business running smoothly. Schedule a consultation today to get on top of the 280E compliance challenge and protect your business.

Reduce Your 280E Tax Burden

Our team of 280E Ccnsultants can help you minimize your tax bill due to 280E regulations for legal cannabis and psilocybin businesses. Get the advice and guidance you need from an experienced marijuana accountant to help with accounting compliance complexities.


The cannabis and psilocybin industry is heavily taxed, but you don't have to pay more than you should. With our consulting services, minimize your tax bill and maximize your profits. Get the right advice today and start saving on taxes tomorrow.

Structure Your Cannabis Business For Tax Savings

Structure your cannabis business the right way for tax savings. With 280E Consulting from Indiva Advisors LLP, get the help of a marijuana accountant to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the tax benefits while keeping compliant with accounting complexities. Our accounting team has a thorough understanding of 280E, and although it cannot be completely avoided, there are methods to reduce its effects, primarily through proper company structuring.

In addition to helping you choose the optimal business structure, a cannabis tax accountant can help protect your company from 280E by advising on proper business practices, financial record keeping and documentation, separating non-cannabis related expenses from those related to cannabis, and by ensuring that your business is in compliance with all tax laws and regulations, including 280E.

Protect Your Cannabis Company From An IRS Audit

Don’t let the IRS ruin your business. Get ahead of any potential audit with the help of experienced cannabis accountants from 280E Consulting. Prepare for a possible audit and protect your business from any costly consequences.


Our cannabis accountants can help prepare your cannabis business for a potential IRS audit by ensuring that you are  in compliance with all tax laws and regulations, including 280E. We'll also review and advise on your company's tax return filings to ensure accuracy and compliance. By working proactively with a knowledgeable cannabis accountant, a cannabis business can minimize the risk of an IRS audit and minimize the potential impact of 280E.

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about how Indiva Advisors can help protect your company from the potential harm caused by 280E.

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Stay ahead of 280E!

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