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Cannabis Contract + Fractional CFO Services

Indiva Advisors LLP helps cannabis businesses with industry leading Cannabis Contract + Fractional CFO Services. We've helped dispensaries and growers secure financing and solidify their business plans. Our team of experts can help your cannabis company succeed. We make it easy for you to complete all your compliance requirements and save time and money in the process.

Get A Contract For Your Cannabis Business.

The cannabis industry is changing rapidly and Indiva Advisors LLP offers a Cannabis Contract + Fractional CFO service for businesses in the sector to help ensure that their needs are met as the market evolves. We provide industry leading Cannabis Contract Services to help you realize your true potential.

You've got cannabis business to run, but what about the contracts? With Indiva Advisors LLP, you can focus on growing your business and saving time while we handle the hard work of making sure your business remains compliant and is financially on solid footing.

Cannabis Fractional CFO Services

When you partner with Indiva Advisors LLP,  you can focus on your business and let us handle the accounting for you. We'll help you keep track of all your cash flow and grow your company faster. This includes our industry leading fractional CFO Services. But what do we mean by fractional CFO?


As the name suggests, a fractional CFO is a professional who offers their financial expertise to a business on a contractual basis. Also known as a part-time CFO, we are able to provide extensive CFO-level experience on a temporary or limited basis. This allows businesses more flexibility while still enabling them to benefit from expert financial guidance, something that is sorely lacking in the cannabis industry.

Achieve Financial Stability

Our financial advisory services help cannabis businesses find stability in today's volatile market. Our services are designed to help you maximize your revenue and minimize your risk. With us, you're not just getting a financial planner, you're getting industry leading expertise that has a proven track record of success.


Cannabis businesses are the new gold standard—and Indiva Advisors LLP can help them get their foot in the door. With our fractional CFO and cannabis contract services, we can maximize profitability for your business. Our team provides financial advisory services meaning there's no need for a complicated business plan or to hire an expensive CFO. Wee can assist you with all of the issues that come up in your business, from accounting to liquidity.

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Indiva Advisors can help
grow your business.

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