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Indiva Policy update October: Equity in Interstate

The past several weeks have been momentous for the regulated cannabis industry and the patients and advocates who support cannabis reform.

Biden’s announcement decouples the decriminalization conversation from the commerce conversation. By taking proactive steps to right the harms from the War on Drugs, Biden has prioritized the human rights conversation, and put federal resources to supporting a more nuanced and effective reform conversation.

At a state level, many may not have even noticed Newsome’s recent signing of a second Interstate Commerce bill, or New Jersey starting to consider how purchasing product from outside their borders could support their regulated industry.

These events together, to me, signal an important shift in the national conversation. We are firmly on the “how” (not “if”) side of the “Legalizing Cannabis” debate and now we must turn to the details and nuances of building markets, optimizing supply chains, and educating consumers.

The challenge for the regulated industry remains the same: balancing public safety with overregulation, but for thousands of businesses and their 500,000+ employees we are one step closer to standing fully in the sun.

It is even more important, given these shifts, that we continue to forefront equity in how regulated markets are built.

Outside of decriminalization, 280e reform is the biggest issue at stake in the rescheduling conversation, and the biggest opportunity to right the economic harms from 60 years of racist policy.

Join us as we discuss: Maximizing Equity Access in Regulated Cannabis Markets with the BuzzKillas on October 27 at 10am PT


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